Municipal Electric Utility Study Committee

The Mayor and Council  created a committee to study the feasibility of the Town of Patagonia establishing its own municipal electric utility.  As a result of the committees excellent and hard work Mayor and Council accepted their recocmmendation that creating a Town utility was not feasible at this time and assigned them the further task of drafting recommendationsfor items to be included in a new franchise agreement.   The current franchise with SSVEC expires in 2013 so consideration of such an effort is timely.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in participating and willing to devote the time to the necessary research.

Chair of the Committee is Council Member Meg Gilbert.

Other members include:  Council Member Kevin McKay, Abbie Zeitzer,  Bob Ollerton,  Fred McGee,  Jerry Rodman,  Gary Gay,  Deborah Fain,    Jim Rowley,  Ted Piper  and Carolyn Shafer


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